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Askari Wilderness conservation project was amazing, since I meet Joe and Katie in the airport I felt at home. This program is perfect the accomadations couldt have been better ( air conditioning, kitchen, dining area, Tv, bedrooms) the program itself hit the spot for me, do a physical job and the carry all day seing and admiring the wilderness and its animals. I learned so much, really productive weeks, learning how to shot elephant rifle was of the top as well as 4*4 driving, the lectures where awesome super intresting . The people where super warm and super nice, so much that it was hard to say goodby and being at home I miss them. I recommend this program to ANYONE who wants an experience which they will learn a lot, interact with animals, and wants to see a reserve which is runned correctly by really good and nice guides, not only that but a 5 star accomodation for a volunteer program. Garanteed you will want to go back. If the oppurtunity comes take it its beautifull, im sure you will love it. It left me speechless..

Posted: March 1, 2010
By: Anonymous